5 thoughts on “THOUGHTS & PRAYERS & ???????

  1. Spot on Jim. As one of our New Thought pioneers once said, “Realization, without application, is hallucination.” There has, for too long, been an “identity crisis” in New Thought churches–especially Religious Science. The debate of whether we are a teaching organization only, or a spiritual movement in the world with a voice–or both–which takes a stand on social issues which affect not only ourselves but our world…There is no more looming crisis in our culture than guns and the damage they are doing in the WRONG hands to the fabric of our humanity.

    Peace, Dennis


  2. I appreciate your words. I think you are wise in your understanding about the angry motivation for ending gun violence. The fruit of anger is anger after all. I think the central issue in what you wrote about prayer and action is the lack of a common understanding of prayer. We all know what action is and some avoid action while others jump into it without clarity or wisdom. But prayer – what is the role and the practice of prayer with regard to change? That is to me the central issue.

    Prayer without action is not prayer. Prayer is an action, a practice that changes me first and the world as a result.


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